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Dr. Ajay Kumar

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

  • Friction Stir Welding and Processing
  • Light Weight Nano Metal Matrix Composites
  • Mechanics of Solders for Electronic Applications
  • Metallic Foams for Marine Applications
  • Self-Healing and Self-Cleaning Materials
  • Shape Memory Materials
  • Materials Development for Alternative Energy Systems
  • Materials for Reducing Embodied Energy and Emissions
  • Bio-enabled, Chemically-Tailored, Hierarchically-Structured Materials
  • Tribology


  • Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore (KA) India
  • MTech., Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), Bhopal (M.P.) India
  • B.E., Madhav Institute of Technology & Science (MITS), Gwalior (M.P.) India

Latest Publications

  • Tirumala, Tumula, Ajay Kumar, and Chandra Shekhar Perugu. "Reverse cladding of 304 stainless steel to LM25 aluminium alloy through die-casting." Materials Letters (2023): 134896. Link
  • Ajay Kumar et al., Sand casting of surface alloyed butterfly valve with improved hardness and corrosion resistance by incorporating metal powders in-mold coatings. International Journal of Metalcasting 2021.
  • Fabrication and applications of fullerene-based metal nanocomposites: A review Ajay Kumar P., Vishnu Namboodiri V., Gaurang Joshi & Kush P. Mehta Journal of Materials Research (2021) DOI :
  • Prabu, SS Mani, Chandra S. Perugu, Ashutosh Jangde, H. C. Madhu, M. Manikandan, Manoj D. Joshi, Santosh S. Hosmani, Ajay Kumar, Satish V. Kailas, and I. A. Palani. "Investigations on the influence of surface mechanical attrition treatment on the corrosion behaviour of friction stir welded NiTi shape memory alloy." Surface and Coatings Technology (2020): 126495. Link:
  • Rohatgi, P.K., Ajay Kumar, P., Chelliah, N.M. et al. Solidification Processing of Cast Metal Matrix Composites Over the Last 50 Years and Opportunities for the Future. JOM (2020). DOI
  • Arafat, Y., H. Yang, I. Dutta, Ajay Kumar P. , and B. Datta. "A Model for Intermetallic Growth in Thin Sn Joints Between Cu Substrates: Application to Solder Microjoints." Journal of Electronic Materials (2020): 1-16. DOI
  • Ajay Kumar P., H. C. Madhu, Abhishek Pariyar, Chandra S. Perugu, Satish V. Kailas, Uma Garg, and Pradeep Rohatgi. "Friction stir processing of squeeze cast A356 with surface compacted graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) for the synthesis of metal matrix composites." Materials Science and Engineering: A 769 (2020): 138517.
  • Behera, Swaroop, Ajay Kumar P., Neil Dogra, Michael Nosonovsky, and Pradeep K. Rohatgi. "Effect of microstructure on contact angle and corrosion of ductile iron: Iron-Graphite Composite." Langmuir (2019).
  • Ajay Kumar P., Pradeep Rohatgi, and David Weiss. "50 Years of Foundry-Produced Metal Matrix Composites and Future Opportunities." International Journal of Metalcasting (2019): 1-27.
  • Ajay Kumar P., and I. Dutta. "Effect of Intermetallic Content on Shear Deformation of Thin Sn-3.0 Ag-0.5 Cu Solder Micro-joints Between Copper Substrates." Journal of Electronic Materials 47, no. 9 (2018): 5488-5497.
  • Ajay Kumar P., Rishi Raj, and Satish V. Kailas. "A novel in-situ polymer derived nano ceramic MMC by friction stir processing." Materials & Design 85 (2015): 626-634.

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