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  • We have started this club on 22nd February 2017 with the idea of exploring the acting talent of students and to perform skits, drama and short films. As suggested by many students this club was named as Actomania.
    Our first short film-“Nithya–a tragic love story” was successfully completed in a week with the support of all the cast and Photography club (IDEAL SHOTS) and was rewarded the first prize at Short Film Contest in Abhisargaof IIIT-Sricity.

    Story and Direction -Tarani, Y.Shravanthi
    Screenplay -Sai Sumanth
    Cinematography and Editing-Krishna.M.Venkat
    Dubbing artists - Manoj, Rakesh, Sai praneeth, Ramya, Sai Sumanth, Pranjal, Mouli, Krishna, M.Venkat

  • The art club which caters to the talents in painting, sketching, crafting and are found ready to take up any opportunity to create something beautiful with a theme.

  • Aranya - Trekking Club

    Tallakonnam - October 9th 2016

    Moolakonnam - August 13th 2016

  • The club has been formed on 27th January 2017. It had organized two tournaments within the first 3 months of its formation. One tournament is among juniors only which was conducted for fun in which no prizes were given. The second tournament is the INTRA IIT chess tournament among the four houses of IIT TIRUPATI clubs. It is an open tournament in which anyone are allowed to participate. There was a good response of it and no problem had been raised. The club progress in this semester is quite smooth and good.

  • The photography club organised events such as Photography Drive and Independence Click. Theme : Dawn & Dusk
    Description: Capturing the beauty of sun at dawn and dusk which resembles the Republic theme
    BY : Raja Shekhar
    Description: Capturing the beauty of sun at dawn and dusk which resembles the Republic theme
    BY : D Sai Praneeth Reddy
    Description: Capturing the beauty of sun at dawn and dusk which resembles the Republic theme
    BY : Vanka Sai Sumanth
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  • This club manages what IIT Tirupati is most proud of:
    Its social initiatives — orphanage support, school, teaching and so forth.
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  • The Music Club caters to interests in singing, composing or creating and presenting anything which appeals to the ears.
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Smart India Hackathon 2018

6 Submissions from the students of IIT Tirupati were selected for the next round in Smart India Hackathon 2018.


IIT Tirupati entered into Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd. (SECI) for the Roof Top Solar System in the transit campus.


Indian Youth Delegation to China

The following students from IIT Tirupati have been selected by the Government of India as part of a 200 member Indian Youth Delegation to China from 9th June to 16th June, 2017:
1. Ipshita Panda (2nd Year, Electrical Engineering)
2. Sonali Srivastava (2nd Year, Civil Engineering)
3. Vimal (2nd Year, Computer Science Engineering)

Inter IIT Tech Meet 2018

IIT Tirupati has secured 10th position in the Overall General Championship of Inter IIT Tech meet 2018 conducted in IIT Madras out of the participating 18 IITs. The projects showcased include Fiducial Localization in medical imagery, Optimal Bidding, Safety devices for Fishing vessels and Technologies for solider support.

Internship Program

The following 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering students were selected for internship (6 Weeks) at Texas A&M University, USA for this summer session:

  • Tapan Ganatma Nakkina
  • Saurabh Agarwal
  • Rushikesh Kure
  • Pranjal Shukla
  • Harshit Chawla

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