At the 21st Century Gurukulam Hostel, grounds were prepared for volleyball, shuttle badminton and cricket net practice. Indoor sport facilities, including table tennis facilities and a gym, were also created. Arrangements were made for the students to play football and for other athletic activities at the grounds of Bharthiya Vidya Bhavan School, about 3 km from their hostel.

  • Throw ball
Conducted matches on 04-04-2017 on the special interest of girls between to particular teams divided randomly. A total of 14 girls played the game and the match was of 3 sets of which anusha and her team won.
  • Volleyball with IISER
An official match of volley ball was called between IISER and IIT Tirupati on 18-03-2017 and was played at IIT TIrupati Volleyball court. IIT Tirupati won the match by 3-1.

  • Basket-Ball
  • Student-Faculty Cricket - March 4th 2017

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