• Library

    A library was established at the Institute in 2015 to support its educational and research programmes. The library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents of use to the faculty and the students of IIT Tirupati. As of 31st March 2016, the library had about 1300 textbooks and reference books related to engineering, sciences, humanities and the social sciences. The library subscribes to 30 popular magazines and an assortment of selected journals pertaining to the various fields of engineering, technology and life sciences. The library is increasing its collection of learning resources, which in March 2016 included 50 CD-ROMs. It is equipped with a library automation system featuring modern technology and uses the KOHA open source integrated library system and an online public access catalogue (OPAC). The library issues books electronically using two desktop systems, a barcode printer, a receipt printer and a barcode reader. The library remains open from 8.30 AM to 09.00 PM, seven days a week, except on national holidays. A need for more library resources (books, journals, etc.) was felt, and procurement procedures were put in place.

    Central Library

  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure was created from scratch in a very short period of time. The infrastructure at IIT Tirupati is comparable with that of the older IITs for the purpose of teaching the undergraduate courses. The building at the temporary campus was significantly modified to meet the requirements of IIT Tirupati. Several new installations were carried out to provide the students with an optimum environment for learning.


    Eight 60-seater classrooms and one 120-seater classroom were developed and the necessary furniture is installed. All the classrooms were equipped with desktop computers with Internet access, projectors, screens and audio systems. To improve the acoustics, appropriate treatment has been done. A 120-seater virtual classroom was set up. Video conferencing facilities with a 1 Gbps bandwidth connection to the NKN were set up.

  • Dining Services

    Kitchen and dining facilities were created at the respective hostels. At the Institute building a 120-seater dining facility was established to serve lunch and tea.

  • Hostels

    The men were accommodated in the 21st Century Gurukulam Hostel, rented from Sri Venkateswara University. The hostel is located near Alipiri, 13 km from the Institute. The women were accommodated in the IISER Tirupati hostel. Transport was arranged by the Institute for the students to commute between the hostels and the Institute. The hostels have Wi-Fi facilities, washing machines, TV, water coolers, water heaters, computer rooms and gyms.. Four desktop systems were installed in the common room of the boys’ hostel. Facilities were provided to the students to play indoor and outdoor games. Permission was obtained from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan for the IIT students to play cricket and football in their grounds in the evenings and on weekends. A faculty member, a teaching staff member and a member of the supporting staff took on the additional responsibility of caring for the needs of the students in the hostels.

  • Health Services

    A MoU has been entered with SVIMS, Tirupati for outpatient and inpatient treatment of Faculty, Staff and Students. All the students are covered under Insurance Scheme with insured amount of Rs.75,000/- for inpatient treatment.

  • Transportation

    The first year students are provided accommodation in 21st Century Gurukulam Buildings, Alipiri which is 13 Kms away from the Academic Institute. In order to commute the students between the Hostel and Academic Building, Buses have been provided. The girls students who are at the Hostel, Lakshmipuram Colony also provided with Mini Bus for their commutation between Hostel and Institute.

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