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Dr. S.Rajesh

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

  • Metric Fixed Point Theory


  • Ph.D, IIT Madras, India

Latest Publications

  • S. Rajesh and P. Veeramani. Lim's center and fixed point theorems for isometry mappings. To appear in Annals of Functional Analysis
  • S. Rajesh. On existence of fixed points for pointwise eventually nonexpansive mappings. To appear in Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications (DOI: 10.1007/s11784-017-0403-7).
  • S. Rajesh and P. Veeramani. Best Proximity Point Theorems for Asymptotically Relatively Nonexpansive Mappings. Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization Vol.37 (2016), 80-91. (
  • S. Rajesh and P. Veeramani. Chebyshev Centers, Best Proximity Point Theorems and Fixed Point Theorems. Acta Scientiarum Mathematicarum (Szeged)}, Vol. 82 (2016), 289—304 (doi: 10.14232/actasm-014-833-1).
  • S. Rajesh and P. Veeramani. Chebyshev centers and fixed point theorems. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Vol 422 (2015), no. 2, 880--885 (

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