Dr. Rudra Sekhar Manna

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

  • Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
  • Experiments at extreme conditions: very low temperatures, high magnetic fields and high pressures
  • Strongly correlated electron phenomena, e.g., spin-orbit coupled iridates, triangular and kagome quantum spin-liquid, Mott metal-insulator transition, superconductivity, and magnetism


  • Ph.D, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany (2012)
  • M.Sc, Physics, IIT Bombay (2006)
  • B.Sc, Physics, RKM Vidyamandira, Belur Math, Calcutta University (2004)

Latest Publications

  • E. Gati, M. Garst, R. S. Manna, U. Tutsch, B. Wolf, L. Bartosch, H. Schubert, T. Sasaki, J. A. Schlueter, and M. Lang, Breakdown of Hooke’s law of elasticity at the Mott critical endpoint in an organic conductor, Science Advances 2, e1601646 (2016).
  • R. S. Manna, P. Das, M. Souza, F. Schnelle, M. Lang, J. Mueller, S. von Molnár, and Z. Fisk, Lattice strain accompanying the colossal magnetoresistance effect in EuB6, Physical Review Letters 113, 067202 (2014).
  • R. S. Manna, M. Souza, R. Kato, and M. Lang, Lattice effects in the quasi-two-dimensional valence-bond-solid Mott insulator EtMe3P[Pd(dmit)2]2, Physical Review B 89, 045113 (2014).
  • R. S. Manna, B. Wolf, M. Souza, and M. Lang, High-resolution thermal expansion measurements under Helium-gas pressure, Review of Scientific Instruments 83, 085111 (2012).
  • R. S. Manna, M. Souza, A. Bruehl, J. A. Schlueter, and M. Lang, Lattice effects and entropy release at the low-temperature phase transition in the spin-liquid candidate κ-(ET)2Cu2(CN)3, Physical Review Letters 104, 016403 (2010).
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