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Dr. Romanbabu M. Oinam

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

  • Seismic evaluation & Retrofitting of structures
  • Supplemental damping & Energy dissipating devices
  • Performance-based seismic design of structures
  • Fiber reinforced concrete
  • Large scale testing of structures using quasi-static and pseudo-dynamic methods
  • Numerical modeling of reinforced concrete and steel structures


  • Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Latest Publications

  • Oinam, R. M., and Sahoo, D. R. (2018). “Numerical evaluation of seismic response of soft-story RC frames retrofitted with passive devices.” Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 16(2), 983–1006.
  • Oinam, R. M., and Sahoo, D. R. (2017). “Seismic rehabilitation of damaged reinforced concrete frames using combined metallic yielding passive devices.” Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 13(6), 816-830.
  • Oinam, R. M., Sugumar, R., and Sahoo, D. R.(2017), “A comparative study of seismic performance of RC frames with masonry infills”, Procedia Engineering, 173, 1784–1791.
  • Oinam, R. M., and Sahoo, D. R. (2015). “Enhancement of lateral capacity of damaged non-ductile RC frame using combined-yielding metallic damper.” The Indian Concrete Journal, 89(1), 80–86.
  • Oinam, R. M., Sahoo, D. R., and Sindhu, R. (2014). “Cyclic response of non-ductile RC frame with steel fibers at beam-column joints and plastic hinge regions.” Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 18(6), 908–928.

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