Dr. P. C. Deshmukh


Areas of Interest

  • Photoabsoption Processes in Free/Confined atoms, molecules and ions


  • Ph.D, Nagpur University, Nagpur, India
  • M.Sc, Nagpur University, Nagpur, India
  • B.Sc, Nagpur University, Nagpur, India

Latest Publications

  • (2016) S. Krishnaveni, M. Sundareswaria, P.C. Deshmukh, S.R. Valluria and Ken Roberts, Band structure and transport studies of half Heusler compound DyPdBi: An efficient thermoelectric material, Journal of Materials Research, 31 , 1306-1315,
  • (2015)Nrisimhamurty Madugula, G. Aravind, P. C. Deshmukh, and S.T.Manson, Autoionization resonances in the neon isoelectronic sequence using relativistic multichannel quantum defect theory, Phys. Rev. A. 91, 013404 (2015) , 91, 013404,
  • (2015 ) Sindhu Kalyadan, Hari R. Varma, P.C.Deshmukh, J. T. Costello, P. Hayden, and S.T.Manson, Photoabsorption studies of some closed-shell ions in the La isonuclear sequence, Physical Review A, 91 ,
  • (2015)V. K. Dolmatov, A. S. Kheifets, P. C. Deshmukh, and S.T.Manson , Attosecond time delay in the photoionization of Mn in the region of the 3p to 3d giant resonance , Physical Review A , 91, 053415 ,
  • (2015)Narendra Nath Dutta, Sourav Roy, and P. C. Deshmukh,Dynamic polarizabilities and hyperfine-structure constants for Sc2+, Phys. Rev. A , 92, 052510,

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