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Dr. Bijily Balakrishnan

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

  • Reinforced concrete design
  • Prestressed concrete design
  • Inelastic analysis of slab systems
  • Beam-slab systems with and without secondary beams
  • Beam-columns with circular cross-section


  • Ph. D (Structural Engineering), Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
  • M. Tech (Structural Engineering), National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India
  • B. Tech (Civil Engineering), Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, India

Latest Publications

  • Balakrishnan B. and D. Menon (2018) Collapse load estimation of rectangular RC beam-slab systems: new insights. ACI Structural Journal, (In press).
  • Geevar I., B. Balakrishnan, F. Habeeb and D. Menon (2018) Experimental and Numerical Assessment of Deflections in Circular Reinforced Concrete Beams. Structural Concrete, DOI:10.1002/suco.201700108, (In press).
  • Mohamed Ameen V. K., B. Balakrishnan, S. Joshi and D. Menon (2017) Numerical modelling of load-deflection behaviour of reinforced concrete beam-slabs. Journal of Structural Engineering (Madras), 44 (5), 509-518.
  • Balakrishnan B., Hussain S. and D. Menon (2016) Assessment of shear strength of circular reinforced concrete beams, ACI Structural Journal, 113(6), 1209-1221.
  • Balakrishnan B. and P. Sarkar (2016) Efficacy of Code Provisions for Seismic Design of Asymmetric RC Building. Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India): Series A, 97(2), 111-120.

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