Dr. B Radhika


Areas of Interest

  • Random vibrations
  • Structural system identification
  • Structural reliability analysis
  • Performance based earthquake engineering
  • Uncertainty modeling and quantification
  • Bayesian estimation methods – nonlinear filtering


  • Ph.D (Structural Engineering), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
  • B.E (Civil Engineering) SRM Engg. College, Anna University, Chennai, India

Latest Publications

  • B Radhika and C S Manohar, 2013, Dynamic state estimation for identifying earthquake support motions in instrumented structures, Earthquakes and Structures, Techno Press, 5(3), 359-378.
  • B Radhika and C S Manohar, 2012, Nonlinear dynamic state estimation in instrumented structures with conditionally linear Gaussian substructures, Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, 30, 89-103.
  • B Radhika and C S Manohar, 2011, Updating response sensitivity models of nonlinear vibrating structures using particle filters, Computers and Structures, 89(11-12), 901-911.
  • B Radhika and C S Manohar, 2010, Reliability models for existing structures based on dynamic state estimation and data based asymptotic extreme value analysis, Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, 25(4), 393405.
  • B Radhika, S S Panda and C S Manohar, 2008, Time variant reliability analysis of nonlinear structural dynamical systems using combined Monte Carlo simulations and asymptotic extreme value theory, Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences, 27(1-2), 79-110.

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