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Under NSS program students of IIT Tirupati are going to government schools every weekend and teach school students about science, maths, English etc.

They show simple science demonstration to enthuse the students in learning science and improve their scientific temper by asking questions about what they see around them. Through such activities they will also develop an attitude to reason out analytically every natural phenomenon they see in their everyday life.

This disconnect between what they read in text books and in class room to what they see around them in real life is one of the main reason why our students are not motivated enough in pursuing science as a career later in life.

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Some photograph of our students showing science demonstration in T V Gunta Municipal High School , Tirupati on 03.10.2015.

An Innovation Speech by Dr. Mahesh Panchagnula, (Professor of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras) with his CFI Team. They also showed some  real time projects to the Students on 19th September.